Modernize Data Estate to Build The Foundation for Platforms of Intelligence


The flood gates of data have opened. Now there is pressure to determine which data to use without getting overwhelmed. However, legacy systems are unable to cope with the volume, variety and velocity of this data. Enterprises can change that by modernizing their approach using a cloud-based and AI-powered ecosystem. The approach also addresses issues of scale, access, real-time analysis, security and lays the foundation for continuous improvement in infrastructure. This paper provides insights into the services and accelerators your business needs to create a modern cloud-based data estate.

What is in it?

How do you ensure that your investments in data management and analytics result in the ability to handle a 10x increase in customer data sets, reduce license costs by 30 to 50 percent, and derive deep insight from raw data? How do you ensure you gain access to advanced technologies and tools to extract more value from your data while meeting compliance and regulatory needs? This paper simplifies the approach CXOs need to take in order to modernize their data estate.


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