Loyalty and Customer Data Platform

ITC Infotech offers Smart Loyalty – an end-to-end, customized solution to increase customer loyalty.  Smart Loyalty enables marketers to capture true value by predicting optimal offers and personalized experiences to motivate high-value behavior. The solution resolves the challenge that the hospitality industry faces in collecting and managing siloed customer data. Our solution fuses machine learning, real-time decisions, and an ability to deliver messages, offers, or loyalty tactics across any channel so that marketers are able to create smarter interactions that drive incremental behaviors and profit. The solution creates a single view profile for each guest enabling personalized engagements that make guests more loyal, profitable, and satisfied. Campaigns can be executed natively through our solution or the platform can be used as an orchestration hub for other executional components in marketing stacks.

Benefits: ITC Infotech has developed direct integrations with many of the leading hospitality systems. This enables our customers to combine PMS, CRS, and other systems data with our loyalty platform’s engagement capabilities to automatically deliver unique guest offers at the point of interaction in real-time and maximize Customer Lifetime Value.


Smart Chatbots

The solution enhances the guest experience at every touchpoint, from the time of booking to check out. We use the xpresso.ai platform that hosts a smart chatbot that doubles up as an online guest advisor. Booking experiences on our AI-assisted framework provides a memorable experience for guests especially when it comes to the user experience differentiation.

Benefits: Increased Net Promoter Score


Churn Analytics

The solution is designed to reduce the likelihood of customer attrition by designing and enabling:

  • Creation of statistical models using xpresso.ai machine learning units to predict likelihood of a customer being retained post the offer proposition, identify drivers and execute retention campaigns
  • A matrix to offer promotions to customers basis the last 12 months profitability of the customer
  • A layer above the offer matrix on a response scorecard to decide customer level offers
  • Offers that build back the balances or increase the expenditures of the customers who have migrated to competitors

Benefits: Customer response attrition model helps increase retention rate by 10% and value migration helps generate an increase in sales value of 20%.

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