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Supply Chain Network Design & Optimization

Evolving market dynamics are leading to volatility in supply chains, hampering global operations. Executives are grappling with strategic questions, “Is my supply chain framework aligned for the next 3 to 5 years of business growth? Do I have the right number and locations for existing distribution centres? Will I be able to improve supply chain efficiency and service levels?” Clients partner us to address these challenges through our network design and optimization services that assist businesses strategically plan and design supply chain networks and policies with the goal of reducing overall costs and improving service levels, while improving operational sustainability, cost-effectiveness and create business alignment. We incorporate concise, goal-based metrics to improve end-to-end supply chain costs including purchase, production, warehousing, inventory and transportation. We deliver to our client financial performance through increased revenues, reduced costs and enhanced flexibility to respond to market dynamics.


Advanced Simulation services

 Businesses and governments are now realizing that ignoring the variations and uncertainties in the environment will always lead to suboptimal decisions. It is in this regard that simulation as a means of decision making is gaining wide popularity, particularly in a complex environment. The application of simulation can be seen in supply chain, manufacturing and facility management scenarios covering all possible variations and disruptions to arrive at the best possible decision. The decisions can range from resource allocation, plan creation, capacity estimation and even prediction. Some of the common uses are in the areas of inventory management, fleet management, complex factory operations management, manpower planning, facility planning, equipment and process failure prediction etc. We undertake KPI based projects with assured outcome and ensure deployment for our customers.


Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain have become increasingly complex. The inherent variations such as due to demand, lead time, production output variation, supplier delays etc add to the complexity. The disruptions in the supply chain such as due to pandemics like COVID-19, natural disaster, breakdowns and political issues make it even more difficult to predict the supply chain performance and the impact of these variations and events. Our supply chain risk management solution works on three layers

  • Sensing the change – Demand sensing, supplier performance sensing. Consideration of recent events/possible events on the supply chain
  • Simulation of the digital twin of the supply chain to predict future KPI performance(cost, service etc)
  • Focused action – Cognitive AI based methods to indicate possible actions to be taken to mitigate the impact on the KPIs


Demand Sensing and Predictive Analytics

Traditional demand forecasting is done at a monthly level, for product groups and at a higher echelon level. These forecast numbers are then percolated to a more granular level say weekly, SKU level and retailer using some business rules and past numbers. With our Demand sensing solution, we can forecast accurately at a much granular level in terms of time period, product and echelon for the near future. For example, we can do a daily level forecast for each SKU and retailer. The way we are able to do this is by using a combination of advanced machine learning models that can take time series data as well as causal factors such as promotions, holidays, weather etc. Since the computation needed goes up significantly as we are now doing many more forecasts, we use big data technologies adhere to the computation needs. By doing this we have seen a 25% to 40% improvement in forecast numbers. We have implemented our solution on an AI platform and it can be easily integrated with any ERP database. This drastically reduces the time needed for implementation.

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